Black Off The Shoulder Ruffle Sleeve Dress Top
Black On The Knee Ruffle Sleeve Dress Top

Black On The Knee Ruffle Sleeve Dress Top

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Black On The Knee Ruffle Sleeve Dress Top

Black off the shoulder ruffle sleeve dress top. Neckline has great elastic stretch for on or off the shoulder style. Loose stylish comfortable fit. Special occasion or dressy casual dress or top. Can also be worn over jeans or leggings and maybe add a belt to cinch in the waistline. Fabic is a beautiful polyester blend that feels and moves with your body. Light weight easy breezy material. The fabric for this on the knee style is lighter and shorter than the longer style. We recommend this for ladies whoe desire less fabric to take it down a bit from the super full flowing look of the longer below the knee style. Great for all heights but especially petites or those who want a lighter look in the amount of fabric. 
Ships from Houston, Texas by Social Butterfly Collection.

Black On The Knee Ruffle Sleeve Dress Top
Ruffle Sleeves Top Dress by Social Butterfly Collection
Ruffle Long Sleeve Cold Shoulder Dress Or Top
Black tunic dress top with wide flutter ruffle sleeves that can be worn on or off the shoulders

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  • I'm 5'2 and I weigh 172lbs. Approximately how long will this be on me exactly? Do you think I should buy a size 10-12 or 12-14 ?

    For sure you should get the 10-12. This will go below your knee since you are 5 foot 2. It will go  about 3 more inches lower than in the photo of the lady. 

  • Do you have phone number I can call and order. I like to talk to a customer service person.


  • Hi I am 5 " 9 weigh 205 i want the dress to be above my knees what's the best size

    The 10-12 or 12-14 if your shoulders are a little broad.