Black White Ruffle Sleeve Dress Top
Black White Ruffle Sleeve Dress Top

Black White Ruffle Sleeve Dress Top

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Black and White off the shoulder ruffle sleeve dress top. Neckline has great elastic stretch for on or off the shoulder style. Loose stylish comfortable fit. Special occasion dressy casual dress or top. Can also be worn over jeans or leggings and maybe add a belt to cinch in the waistline. Fabic is a beautiful polyester blend that feels and moves with your body. Light weight fabric and because of the color block combination of black and white, we suggest professional dry cleaning to keep the black from discoloring the white. Shown as a dress and as a top with white faux leather maxi skirt. Skirt sold separately in the skirt/pant category. Ships from Houston, Texas by Social Butterfly Collection.

Black White Ruffle Sleeve Dress Top
Black White Ruffle Sleeve Dress Top
Black White Ruffle Sleeve Dress Top
Plus size short full black dress trimmed in white
Dressy casual, cocktail or church black dress trimmed in white
Black White Ruffle Sleeve Dress Top
Ruffle sleeve black dress with neckline and sleeves trimmed in white.


Ask a Question
  • So you think you will get another shipment in (size 14-16)

    We will put more in stock to be ordered today. They will be ready Tuesday or Wednesday to ship out. Thanks 


    We are currently soldout of our plus size in this style in white 

  • Does this come in plus size, size 18 / 20?

    Plus size is soldout in the this style in white. 

  • How long does it take to ship to Dallas

    We ship Monday Thru Friday. We do not ship on Saturday and sundays. Your order typically ships the day after you order. If y order on Friday then it will ship Monday. If you order on Monday then it will ship on Tuesday. Then it takes 2 to 3 days to arrive or travel to you then the mail. 

  • I am a size 16 with a 40D breast size. I am unable to tell what type of material this dress is and how long will it take for delivery

    We ship Monday thru Friday. If you order the dress on Sunday then it would ship Monday and take 2 to 4 days to arrive to you. The max size on this dress is 14-16.  If you are more 16-18 with broader shoulders then the elastic part would be tight. The body part of the dress has lots of room.  The only concern would be elastic shoulders. Not so mich the bust but the shoulders. If you are broad shoulder and more 16-18 then it is possible the elastic would be tight across your shoulders. 

  • How fast can I get this dress?

    We ship Monday thru Friday if you order on Sunday then it ships Monday and will take 2 to 4 days to arrive to you. We also offer express shipping if you need next day service

  • Do this Dress come in plus sizes????

    We are currently sold out of white in plus size but we do have denim, black, pink, yellow, royal blue and red in plus size 

  • Does this come in plus?

     This one stops at size 16

  • I wear a size 12 normally I'm 5'3 and thick what size do you recommend?

    I think the 12-14 would be best. It will flow better 

  • How many weeks is arriving time once u order I'm 5 feet I wear a size 8 with hips what size would I get wear it's not to long or wide on me

    We do not take weeks to deliver. All of our merchandise is shipped from Houston Texas. It will take 2 to 4 days. You will need to order the smallest size we offer which is size 8-10. 

  • Can it be here by 8/5

    Yes. For sure. If you order it now. But if you order it any later than 7-31-2017 then I cannot guarantee deleivery by 8-5-2017. Please order before 7-31-2017 for timely deleivery. Thanks 

  • How ta is the model and what size is she wearing?

    Model is wearing size 8-10 and she is 5 foot 7 inches tall. 

  • You take phone orders?

    Yes. We do phone orders 7 days a week.  Call us anytime between 9am and 9pm.  Our number is 713-539-8469. Thanks 

  • Is it oversized or true to size?

    The on the knee Ruffle Sleeve dress is very full and flowing. The dress is designed to be very blousy and free flowing. We recommend staying in your size or you could go down a size or two if you want less fabric and flow.