White Below The Knee Ruffle Sleeve Dress
White Below The Knee Ruffle Sleeve Dress

White Below The Knee Ruffle Sleeve Dress

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White Below The Knee Ruffle Sleeve Dress

White cotton off the shoulder below the knee dress with full ruffle sleeve details. Shoulders have amazing elastic for great stretch. Fabric is a fabulous weight of cotton. Dress is full and runs a little big. Please stay within your size or go down a size if you would like less fabric or less full look. Dress flows beautifully and would be great dressed up or down. Dressy casual look for any occasion or special event. Dress can be worn on or off the shoulders and the more you pull it off the shoulders then the longer it will be passed your knees. Sleeves are full and flowing. Dress available in denim, white, black, pink, yellow, red, royal blue and orange. Dress is also available in a shorter version for petites or shorter ladies. Ships from Houston, Texas by Social Butterfly Collection.
White Below The Knee Ruffle Sleeve Dress
Off the shoulder ruffle sleeve dresses

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  • How long does it take to receive an order?


    If your order today today then it will ship tomorrow.  It will take 2 to 4 days to reach you by mail. For example, if you order on a Monday then we ship it in Tuesday and you will receive it on  or around Thursday Friday or Saturday. We ship from Houston, Texas and it just depends on how far your state is away from Texas. States closer to Texas receive within 2 Days. States like New York and California take about 3 days to receive because they are farther away from Texas. We ship via the post office. So your mailman will deliver your package form us. Thanks 


    The smallest we have is size 8-10 

  • Does this dress come in a small 2-6

    No. The smallest in this dress is 8-10 but we do have the shorter smaller version in smaller sizing. Search for White On The Knee Ruffle Sleeve Dress Top.  That one is shorter and smaller.  I will try to send you the link directly to it also. In the picture the lady will be holding a red clutch bag. 

  • I'm looking to order this dress by the weekend! I need it for an all white event! Will it be in by the end of the month? Is the quality of the material hood? This will be my first time ordering from your website@

    Dress is in stock and ready to ship. Will take 2 to 4 days to travel to you via mail. Quality is excellent. 

  • Do you carry a size 16 in the denim

    For sure. We have pretty much all size up to 24 in the denim. It is on our website. Just type Denim Below in the search bar and it should pop up. Or just call us to do a phone order if you like 713-539-8469

  • Are you going to restock this dress in 18-20? If so I'm purchasing it

    Yes. We will but it will be about two weeks. We will keep you posted 

  • pluse size

    We just sold out yesterday in plus size. We wI'll have more in two weeks. We will keep you posted. Thanks 

  • Will you get more of these dresses in before Labor Day? I need the white or do you think I can get by wearing the shorter version I'm about 5'4 feet.

    Actually the shorter one would be best for your height at 5'4. It will be plenty long. The longer one that is soldout would be too long and too much fabric for you. Not sure if and when would get more of the longer one. Best to go with shorter one.