❤️Fall In Love With Your Closet All Over Again❤️ by Carolyn Harris

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❤️Fall In Love With Your Closet All Over Again❤️

Tired of looking at the same old clothes in your closet and not feeling excited? Then you should consider purchasing a wardrobe styling session and let us make the most out of your current wardrobe. Whether you are buying an item from us or styling something that you already own, let’s figure out how to wear your items multiple ways and multiple times. We know that trends can seem fun and exciting but instead of trends, we can help you create timeless looks designed especially with you in mind ❤️ 

How can you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? This is because we as consumers are not questioning ourselves before we purchase. Before you buy a new item, you should think of at least 3 ways and 3 places that you can wear it.  Ask yourself, does this fit into my style recipe? For example, is it comfortable, creative and classic. Those are the 3 main ingredients for my personal style recipe. I like pieces that are easy to wear or comfortable. Items that are creatively unique and lastly, pieces that are classic and timeless not trendy ❤️ 

We are passionate about helping women create looks they can be proud of and love wearing. Learn how to dress your body shape and look slimmer and more polished. Let us help to evolve your style and elevate your wardrobe by spending a little one on one time with our professional wardrobe stylist ❤️ 

Do you want to fall in love with your closet again? Yes? Then make an investment and book a style session with us, so we can help you look sassy, smart and pulled together. Purchase one of our Personal Wardrobe Styling Sessions today and let’s get started on updating your wardrobe ASAP

Once your session is purchased, then one of our stylist will contact you to set up your appointment date and time. Your session can cover specific clothing pieces you select from your closet or items you purchase from us.  We can help you figure out 3 different ways to wear one outfit or help you put together a magnificent outfit for a special occasion like a Birthday, Anniversary, Vacation, Photo Shoot, Class Reunion etc ❤️  

You should ENJOY the clothes you wear! Let’s get started! 


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