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Distressed Light Denim Red Multi Color Palazzo Wide Leg Jeans


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Distressed Light Denim Red Multi Color Palazzo Wide Leg Jeans 

Please take a look at the photo of the model with the yellow top on to see the best true color of the jeans. The model with the yellow top on had her photos taken outside with natural lighting. These jeans are distressed and the color is not bright but more distressed faded looking. Some of the other models photos were taken inside and depict the colors as bright but they are not bright.

THESE ARE IN STOCK & READY TO SHIP! Feedback on sizing is that it is best to go down one size from your normal size. GO DOWN ONE SIZE FOR BEST FIT. These are fitting true to size especially if you want a more relaxed slip on look. If you desire a tight more form fit in the top jean section then perhaps go down a size. These jeans have PLENTY OF STRETCH. So, for the relaxed slip on comfy look go for your exact size especially if you want more space for your tummy or hips and thighs. But, for more tight fitted look for jeans then go down one size. I personally wear size 14 but I preferred size 12 in these jeans because I think they look better when the top section of the pants are form fitted to create a better contrast with the wide leg loose section. Tight on top then loose at the bottom. BY SAYING TIGHT, I mean form fitted at the top. Please feel free to call or text us for help with sizing. Also, if the jeans are too long, we suggest shorten from the top instead of the bottom. You can just have your seamstress to fold the fabric up once then hem at the top section where the fabric meets the jeans. This will also make the denim section shorter as well. The jeans fabric is denim with spandex for great stretch. The front zips and buttons just like a regular pair of jeans. I highly recommend you stay in your exact size if you need extra space for hips, thighs or stomach. DO NOT GO UP A SIZE, there is no need to go up a size and they will most likely be too big if you do. Both the denim fabric and the red multi color fabric are both faded with a distressed look to the material. The red multi color fabric is not bright and shiny, it is more of a muted classic look. Pants have two back pockets to free up you hands. Wear this with almost any style top and for sure a variety of colors. Black tops will surely look great but try other colors as well like red, burgundy or blue. You could really go with any of the colors from the stripes. We think a burgundy top would look fabulous with these pants. Here is a short list of the colors in the stripes. You have about three different shades of red plus about two shades of burgundy and about three shades of orange/yellows then three shades of green and three shades of blue. It will be so easy to pick you favorite color and run with it. Pants are surely great to wear year round with a burgundy or red top or even a dark green or blue top for the fall. You could wear the brighter colors like yellow, orange and light green or light blue for the spring. Dress it up with a pretty blouse or jacket or dress it down with a t-shirt. The fit, quality and fabric are excellent in every way. These jeans slip right on and they look great. The legs are super long and perfect for taller ladies. Petite or shorter ladies will need really high heels or will need to have the pants cut or hemmed. These Jeans measure 44 inches long and 32 inches inseam. Wide Bottom lower leg is very very wide like in the 70’s. These will go quickly again, so please order them ASAP. We have them ready to ship now. No wait or pre orders on these right now but once they sell out again, then they will go back to pre-order status. Currently in stock in all sizes. Sizes 4 to 22. Ships from Houston, Texas by Social Butterfly Collection.

Distressed Light Denim Red Multi Color Palazzo Wide Leg Jeans (6093973946542)


Ask a Question
  • Are the jeans stretch

    Yes. The top jean part has plent of stretch. They fit good. Do not go up in size. Order your exact size

  • Is the jean high stretch or medium stretch


    I would consider it high stretch. I typically wear size 14 but I wear size 12 in these jeans but I can also fit into the size 10. The 10 is super super tight so I feel better in the 12. Just to give you an idea of the stretch. Hope this helps. Thanks

  • Does the jacket come with it or separate

    Hello, jacket sold separately. Thanks

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