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Black Embellished High Low Dress


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Black Embellished High Low Dress

Front of the dress measures 38 inches long and the back measures 41 inches long. This dress is loose fitting but for some with wider hips the dress may fit more In the hip area. I personally go between size 12-14 large and 14-16 xlarge and in this dress, I preferred my larger size of 14-16 because I have wider hips. The dress did fall loose in my stomach and back area but I needed the 14-16 xlarge to accommodate my wider hips. My bust is 42 inches and waist 34 inches and hips are 48 inches. The dress has a hidden back zipper and small keyhole with button at the back of the neck. The dress does fit true to size and the fabric is premium weight. This is a top quality dress. You will not be disappointed in the quality. The dress does fall shorter on the model in the photos with the red but she is very tall. When I tried on the dress and I am 5 feet 6 inches tall, the dress fell a bit longer on me at the very top of my knees. The dress did not fall as high on me meaning it was not that short on me. We will add more photos of shorter models soon and we also hope to get a video done in this dress as well. Our Customer sent us her selfie photo in the dress and she is 5 feet 7 inches tall and you can see that the dress does not look so short on her. Your height will determine where hem lands on your knee. The crystals are very secure in the front and back and the sleeves. Excellence, quality and style. Ships from Houston, Texas by Social Butterfly Collection.

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  • I really like this dress but, the description says mid- length, but the dress is well above the model's knees. I'm confused is the high portion a mini dress?

    Hello, it is a little confusing. We measured the dress and the front of the dress is 38 inches long and the back is 41 inches long.  It is shorter on the model and falls higher up above her knees. The model is tall. I personally tried on the dress in XL and I am 5 feet 6 inches tall.  The dress does not fall that high above my knees. It actually falls right at the tip above my knee, almost on the top of my knees. It depends on your height also where the dress will land. We will try to get a shorter model to do a video this week in the dress and we will add another photo tonight as well with a shorter model. Hope this helps. Thanks

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