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Blush Pink Rolled Brim Rancher Style Hat


Regular price $ 119

Wool felt rancher style hat with adjustable inner sting with final lining and wide textured print ribbon. 9cm brim 12cm crown.  ultra modern structured wool hat has minimal finishing for that sleek smooth look. Ships from Houston Texas by Social Butterfly Collection.
Blush Pink Pencil Brim Rancher Style Hat (7935963201710)


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  • Hi - this is beautiful. However, I don't see the size. M, L, XL? I see the string adjuster, but I don't see the original size. Thank you -

    Thanks Marsha, 
    the hat is a one size fits all. It is not sized. The string inside is a pull string to pull the lining tighter if the hat is too big. You can use the string to make the hat fit tighter. Thanks