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Wide Brim Cowgirl Summertime Hat


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Perfect HAT for outdoor festivals, concerts and vacation getaways when out in the sun. Hat is very comfortable and lightweight and feels great on. Wide brim gives you plenty of sun protection. Super fashionable and gives great protection to your eyes as well as face from sun exposure. This will be your new favorite. You will want to wear it all the time.

The hat is made of straw, raffia and paper and is very eco-friendly by using renewable sustainable raw materials. Raffia comes from the segments of leaves on the Raffia Palm plant. It is not uncommon for raffia to be confused with straw. Although both are natural fibres, they are very different in their origin and attributes. Straw is the dry stalk of cereal plants such as rice, rye, corn, oats and barley. Since it is a by-product of grain harvests, it is inexpensive and plentiful. It absorbs moisture, can become quite brittle over time, and is a stiff fibre meaning it cannot easily be manipulated for fit or shape.

Raffia, on the contrary, has a natural resin in its leaves which increases its longevity; it also makes each strand flexible and pliant but also wonderfully resilient and, slightly waterproof preventing it from cracking and becoming brittle over time.

The paper is made from softwood coniferous. 

Ships from Houston Texas by Social Butterfly Collection.

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  • Is hat big head friendly?


    We would suggest the hat more for medium to large but not XL. Thanks

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